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Denka Lifts

The Narrow Lift was originally developed for use in large indoor shopping centers and airports, but it can, of course, be used outdoors as well. 

Thanks to the low weight and large support surfaces of this lift, it causes no damage to indoor flooring, which can often be a costly affair. 

The mobility and maneuverability of the lift are unique owing to its two pairs of wheels, which can be rotated on their own axes. 

All DENKA LIFTS meet the most stringent safety standards. The electrical and hydraulic systems feature double safety devices. The cylinders have hose brake valves, and all the movements of the lifts have pressure control valve safety systems. 

The telescopic boom is made of specially extruded aluminum profiles which ensure stability with low weight. 

The combination of the boom and the continuously adjustable control system provides the operator in the basket with a stable, safe, and highly functional workplace. 

The Narrow Lift range consists of flexible lifts which can be outfitted for battery operation or direct connection to the main supply.